On the road again …

Playing the Giants was kind of a weird “road trip.” Everyone gets to sleep in their own beds, and it’s such a short drive over to San Francisco that it doesn’t feel like you’re on the road at all — except when you’re out in the field. 

They don’t seem to like me too much out there in left field. Not a lot of nice things being said. A few nice things, but not many. More heckling than anything. But I don’t think it’s personal or anything. I have a feeling they treat anyone from an opposing team the same way out there.

Coming back to all play in all these National League West ballparks that I’ve played in so many times with the Rockies — AT&T Park, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Petco Park in San Diego — has been pretty interesting. There’s a certain level of comfort in being familiar with the field and the stadium, as well as with some of the pitchers. It’s not so comforting when you face the some of the better pitchers, but it’s definitely nice to play in some familiar places.

As for the cities themselves, it’s not that different for me than being somewhere I haven’t spent a lot of time before. I just don’t get out much, no matter where I am. I’m a homebody — at home and on the road. I hardly ever leave the hotel when we’re out on the road.

Being on the road, I think, is good for a team in terms of getting together and spending some time with each other away from the field. When we’re at home, everyone kind of goes their separate ways, but we’ve already have a couple of team-type dinners on the road this year, with quite a few guys. It seems like our schedule has been kind of weird so far this year, though, so there hasn’t been a lot of opportunities for stuff like that.

Overall, I think we’re coming together pretty well. The more time you spend together, the more you get to know each other, and that can only help you as a team. But the fact that we’ve had so many injuries, with guys going in and out, and guys from the Minors going up and down, it takes a little time. The guys are starting to come together and make some friendships, though.
I don’t know if that’s the reason we’ve been playing pretty well in June, but it can’t hurt. I do know we’re doing a better job with situational hitting, and that definitely helps. Batting averages don’t always tell the whole story, because if you’ve got a runner at second and you ground out to second base to move the guy over, you’re 0-for-1 and your average goes down. But you helped the team, and that’s good baseball. We’re doing more of that lately, for sure.
The pitching has been good, too. That’s a big part of it.



  1. tropp_itlikeits_hot

    Hey Matty!! Congrats on getting hot and rolling. Def miss you out here in Colorado. I can’t wait until the Rox come out to Oakland at the end of the month. Keep doing what you’re doing…until we come to town 😉


  2. anderson143624

    Its good to read you again, with your impressions about the team. Acknowledging that youre one oh the most experienced players in this so young team that the As Have.
    Go As!

  3. haikuu2@aol.com

    Matt!! I for one am totally excited to have you on the A’s this year. It was such a surprise, as you know. I look forward to watching you play with the A’s and with your next team. You set a high standard and it’s always a great pleasure to see you. I will always wear my A’s HOLLIDAY jersey no matter where you end up, lol, cuz I’m a Holliday, too!
    Best of luck with the season!

  4. mommy2brendanboy@gmail.com

    That’s just the Giant’s fans, not you. Wait until next week when they are playing at our stadium. You will not get the heckling there. 🙂

    It’s good to read your blog. I always enjoyed reading Dan Haren’s when he was writing for the A’s. It is fun getting to know a player!

    Welcome to the team!

  5. tvtek

    Don’t worry too much about the San Francisco fans that are hecklers Matt. There has always been that love/hate relationship between the Giants and A’s. I think for the most part it has been due to the fact that Oakland has been a better team than the Giants over the years. I am sure it also has to do with the fact that Oakland has won 4 world series since they have been in Oakland including the 1989 World Series sweep against the Giants. Lets see the Giants have won hmmm, oh thats right no world series as SF Giants. Just keep doing what you do best! The greatest of luck to you and your fellow team mates…Oakland is the best!

  6. ihatethegiants@aol.com

    You are an asset to this team, Holliday! The team is young and learning, but believe me when I say that us A’s fans would love to have you on board when we finally get there again soon! If it isn’t too much to ask.. re-sign with the A’s and help us get there!!!

  7. num3fan

    Well Matt…I know you couldn’t hear me, but I was in the third deck in San Francisco screaming my head off for you. And man did I get it from the Giants fans around me!
    But I was thinking while they were all heckling you…it’s a good sign when a player gets booed on the road. Because it means that there is something in you that the fans have to be afraid of. They boo the best players. So take it as a good thing.
    Go A’s!!!

  8. eftstotle@hotmail.com

    Hey Matt….. I had to listen to the last A’s Giants game on the radio Sunday. I started off watching it on TV, but then realized how awful it was making me feel; and I like Vince and Ken on the radio side. Towards the end of the game, Ken mentioned how The A’s haven’t played well, at all, in this series. Vince on the other hand said, “It’s embarrassing!”
    Embarrassing! And I’m sure it is for them to announce in a series like that as well.
    I wonder sometimes about Geren: Finally we’re seeing some of the pitchers speak out about his decisions. When will it be a position player?
    I can honestly count over a dozen games that felt Geren played a big part in the loss.
    I’m not saying The A’s should be in first place, but with the players they have, they shouldn’t be in last either.
    I wish these were different times Matt, cause I’d really like to see you on my A’s when they’re a winning team.

  9. jonnnnnn

    It’s kinda weird that the Athletics and Giants aren’t in the same division, much less the same league. If baseball was more like hockey or football, you guys would play each other 15-20 times a year. I think that could be a really great rivalry along with the New York teams and the Chicago teams duking it out a bunch of times every season. Imagine how much money the MLB would save on traveling expenses if teams didn’t have to travel from New York to California for a series…


  10. mrlongballs

    hey matt, im not a rockie fan, nor am i an athletic fan but im definetly a holliday fan. since my teams in the national league im almost kind of glad your over in the other league. but since you cant hurt us now i wish u and your young team the best over in Oakland and wherever you go. good luck!

  11. mrlongballs

    hey matt, (I think i carelessly exited out of my last comment which wouldnt let it post so im just reapeating everything i just said so if theres two youll no why.) im not a rockie fan, nor am i a athletic fan, but im definetly a holliday fan. since my teams in the national league im almost glad we dont have to play you again, but im still glad your playing. i wish you and your young team the best over in Oakland and wherever you go. good luck!

  12. redsox28

    hey matt just new to this whole blog thing but i saw your page and i had to visit it. im a diehard redsox fan but your still one of my favorite players. Every year your on my fantasy team and year after year im in contention thanks to you. i just wanted to say keep up the good work thanks for the two stolen bases last night lol and good luck

  13. pcofmind1@hotmail.com

    Yo, Matt….. a beer and cheese-fries at Eskimo Joe’s? Yep, OSU alum here in the Bay Area — believe it or not, there are around 4,000 Oklahoma State graduates in the San Francisco-Oakland-Silicon Valley area, and I am one. I was at OSU while you were a kid (think Barry Sanders/Thurman Thomas era) and knew quite a bit about you before you got here. As a native Bay Area guy, it was interesting and cool back in the day at OSU (late 80’s to 90’s) where Gary Ward seemingly had a pipeline to California that mined some amazing talent (both Bay Area and SoCal), and my girlfriend’s roommate dated one, so I met my share of players — unfortunately after Robin Ventura left. Now I see a more traditional, regional roster these days at OSU, with players primarily from in-state and surrounding ones, especially (obviously) Texas. Anyhow, even if only for a few months (please, Billy Beane, keep Matt AT LEAST through the season….please?), it has been a pleasure having you by the Bay. And if you think S.F. fans are bad now, the days of Candlestick Park and the weather and wind there — mixed with booze, of course — brought with it a nasty reputation of Giants fans (with Mr. Big L.A. Sports-Media Guy, Jim Rome, calling Giants fans the “Battery Chuckers by the Bay). So, like I said, the new park in downtown S.F. moderated the overall behavior of fans at a Giants game. Like other posters commented: You are targeted for 1) Being from the team on the East side of the Bay and, most importantly, 2) You’re very good, and that attracts the attention of both your fans (like me) and the envious on the other side of the Bay (trust me, Giants fans would LOVE to have you, and they know it). All of this, of course, has the potential to occur at any park in the country that houses the opposing team, some more vocal than others (hello East Coasters). Hey, at least AT&T Park is no Philly. Thanks for your great posts and GO OAKLAND!!
    — Joe in Silicon Valley

  14. bobgibson


    At season’s end, or perhaps before, you will be able to command some obscene contract from one of the monied teams.

    I realize your agent wants his cut, too, so there’s other pressures. This A’s team could be VERY GOOD, for 5-6 years, particularly if you cut them some financial slack, and sign a long deal.

    Maybe you have your sights set on the Skankees, but the stress isn’t worth it, IMHO. If you aren’t eyeing that villa in France, maybe the extra $5M per year isn’t THAT critical….

    Your pal,

    — Bob Gibson

  15. greenngoldfan

    Matt, thanks for writing in this blog. It’s great to read about your thoughts and feelings on the season. I know the season isn’s going as well as you’d hope, but team is only 7 games out with alot of season left. Don’t worry about those dirty Giants fans. Oaktown gots love for you. It’s great having you in Green and Gold.

  16. rockieluv

    I agree with the Num3fan, if you weren’t a threat they wouldn’t bother heckling you.
    Really enjoy reading your thoughts on things. It’s fun to get perspective from a player. Keep the blogs coming.

    (I like the black background and blue lettering)

  17. girlybaseballchick

    I really hope you do stay with the A’s for more than just a few months or one season. I think you are a huge asset to this team and in a few years I am sure they will contend. They need to stay in the Bay Area, they need a new ball park and they probably need a new manager. And maybe Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane will help things a bit. :o) I know there are some good things coming the A’s way and I hope you hang around for the ride. I hope you are enjoying yourself with this team they have one of the most storied organizations in baseball that should be respected. Good Luck vs. Colorado…they are killin it right now. A’s have to start doing their typical second hald turn around a little early. GO A’S!!!!!!!


  18. amyfromsf

    People in left feild at At&t are out of control. they get crazy on everyone!! I was definately there screaming my head off for you though. I am a hardcore Giants fan but and even bigger matt holliday fan. i think you belong in a giants uniform!!!!!!!

  19. Ben Edwards

    Hey Matt, great series against the Rockies. Getting to watch you out there reminded me of the glory days back in 2007. You made a lot of people here in Colorado happy, and I want to say thanks. Keep up the good work this season, my fantasy team is counting on you! Haha! I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season and hopefully I will get to see you play again in the near future!

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