There’s no quit in this team

The only time I’ve been involved in a game like our comeback against the Twins on Monday night was last July 4, Rockies against the Marlins. We were down 13-4 going into the bottom of the fourth inning and came back to win, 18-17, so that was pretty similar. We were down a lot early and just kept at it.

This team, all season, has fought to the end. We haven’t played the best, and we obviously haven’t won as many games as we thought we would, but I don’t think I’ve ever sense any quit. Even in games we’ve been beaten badly, we still play hard, and we’ve still been able to scratch out some runs late in the game.

That’s just the sign of guys really caring about their craft and playing the game hard the whole nine innings — and being very serious about their jobs. It’s easy, when you’re down 10 runs, to shut it down and kind of coast through the rest of the game and think about getting home. But we fought back, and we eventually got a great result.

As a group, everyone was just kind of, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ We were swinging the bats well, we were scoring a few runs here and there, we got their starter out after five innings, got to their bullpen, and kept getting runners on base. And before you know it, we’re right back in it, and then we’re ahead, and then we win the game.

Personally, any time you’re able to have a game like that (two homers, two doubles, six RBIs) and it helps the team win, it’s that much more gratifying. Had we lost yesterday, yeah, having a big day feels great, but at the same time, winning is the most important thing. It’s more fun when you have a game like that and you win.

The last time I did a new entry, it was before the All-Star break and I wasn’t quite sure what we’d do as a family. Our time together is so important, and that’s what made the break so nice this year. We did the Monterey Bay Aquarium the first day, the second day we did Six Flags in Vallejo, and the third day we did the pool and dinner.

The Six Flags in Vallejo was really cool. They have a lot of activities for kids and a lot of animals. They had a tiger show, and a lot of games and rides for the boys. We really enjoyed that. We spent pretty much the whole day there.

It’s somewhat rejuventaing to be with my family all day and just do whatever they want to do, and just play with them. You don’t get to spend the whole day with them much during the season, except on the off days, and as fathers and husbands it’s good to take the focus off yourself. Everybody’s usually making plans around the game and what you do, so when you get some time off, you try to be the last thought of the family and do what everybody else wants to do. 

Of course I’ve been getting asked about the trade deadline a lot, but it’s one of those things — for me, at least — where the more energy I expend thinking or worrying about things like that, the less time and energy I can apply to other areas of my life. So I try to keep it simple and just come to the ballpark, play hard, then go home and be the best dad and husband I can be. As a family, we’ve just decided to enjoy every day we have and just enjoy each other and enjoy the time we spend together, whether something happens or it doesn’t.




    Thanks again, Matt, for a great entry….oh, and thank you SO much for that monster game and historic performance last night against the Twins. I think all of us (ESPN included) figured the A’s and Angels would battle it out for the division this year, but such has not been the case. On paper, this team looks so good, a mix of vets and rooks that had us all thanking Billy B. again for his wizardry in composing a team within a reasonable (non-Yankee, non-Dodger) payroll. Injuries and other circumstances have hurt us badly, but HEY, Matt Holiday spelled it out perfectly above: There is no quit in this team. Oakland reeled off 20 wins in a row a couple of years ago, remember? It’s not even August, remember? We have a rapidly-maturing starting rotation of five-star potential, remember? While certainly not the McGuire-Canseco-Henderson era, the A’s, more than once this decade have been named the best-run franchise in Major League Baseball. Sure, no titles, but that’s the case with most teams. Thanks again, Matty, for a killer game. We’ll appreciate you as long as you’re here……and I will personally buy you and your family dinner at Eskimo Joe’s (or Mexico Joe’s) to show my appreciation if you make the playoffs (yes, I realize you can afford it — it’s the thought that counts, right?). Glad you got to enjoy the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Oh, and the dude is a great family man too!


    I have been an A’s fan my whole life and seen a lot of great left fielders play for the Oakland. I just wanted to say that no matter what happens the rest of the season. It was an honor to see you play for the the Oakland A’s this year Matt!!!


  3. Kylie

    Congratulations on such a fantastic game, Matt! Quitters never win and winners never quit. Y’all definitely didn’t quit and guess what?
    I’m glad you had a great All-Star break. Sounds like y’all had a ton of fun. I’m glad you’re such a nice guy or I’d have trouble being a fan 🙂
    You’re right. Ignore trade talk. You can’t stop what will happen from happening, so just let it happen and enjoy yourself.
    Best of luck for the rest of the season!
    ♥ Kylie —

  4. 15thtee

    Matt, that was a great comeback against the Twins. I love seeing comebacks like that, even if they come against my favorite team(the Cardinals).
    On ignoring trade talk, that’s got to be hard this time of year…I bet July 31st can’t get here quick enough for some guys.

  5. chronikpenguin

    I saw you driving around the mall in Monterey the day you were in town. Was hoping to catch you; would have been a thrill to actually meet you. Everyone in the media keeps commenting on how you’re body language shows that you don’t want to be a part of the A’s organization. I don’t know what to think of those comments. As A’s fans we know a player like your self won’t be in the organization for very long. We have come to accept things like that and appreciate the players for the hard work they show us in the games they play for the green and gold. As a player I think you should know that even though Oakland won’t be your permanent home it could be used as a stepping stone to a big contract for a team thats in contention. Knowing you would be aware of that I don’t think you’d be showing any negativity to an organization thats going to take you a step further. As a fan I say even if your only in Oakland for another week keep swinging the bat and remember its ok to get your jersey dirty out there in LF they will wash it for you. Play hard and the fans will never forget you.

  6. greenngoldfan

    Great series to end the homestand Matt. That 14-13 win was an instant classic. I know you probably don’t want to hear about trade talk, but I’m very torn about you potentially leaving the A’s. You’re an all star caliber hitter, and the A’s sorely need players of your type on the team. Keep it going!

  7. cardinalskatergirl

    Been following your blog from the beginning! Happy you’re now going to be wearing a Cardinals jersey! Can’t wait to see you play

  8. rockieluv

    Hey Matt,
    Going to to St. Louis! I’m so happy for you. Bummed though because I was planning a trip up to No Cal and was hoping to catch a game and possibly get your autograph. Oh well, really think St. Louis will treat you well. Will be watching you in St Louis. Man……….you and Pujols in the same line-up, scary good.

  9. whiterat24

    Matt, us Cardinal fans are thrilled to have you in a Cardinals uniform. Welcome to Cardinal nation!

  10. whiterat24

    Matt, us Cardinal fans are thrilled to have you in a Cardinals uniform. Welcome to Cardinal nation!


    Great to have you aboard The Cardinal Nation, Matt! You’ve done us proud so far. Tough set against the Dodgers starts today, good luck! We’ll be pulling for ya!


    Great to have you aboard the Cardinal Nation, Matt! You’ve done us proud so far, tough set against the Dodgers starting today, good luck, we’ll be pulling for ya!

  13. flagsnleft


    Although brief, thank you for your time in Oakland. Took you a few games, but you came to know us girls in left field cheering for you each game. We’ll miss our daily “Hi Matt!”, your smiles when the guys in the next section over would talk to you about random stuff, the endless mounds of discarded seeds in the grass, and the way you so soundly defended yourself against the naysayers when you struggled. Thank you for taking the time for us, the fans in left field, and our sign. I am deeply apologetic for that game on the 18th when I failed to hang it up. I heard you were looking for it with confusion on your face.

    Please give the family one last goodbye for us. I wish we had known that after the game on the 21st, we wouldn’t see you again. Ok, I think we knew, but we would’ve made that last wave a little more epic.

    Good luck to you, Matt Holliday. Nothing but the best in the future to you because as a person, and a player, you deserve it…except if you play against the A’s. 🙂

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